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Interactive Live Demo of the All-in-One iLES Animal Science Platform 20:30 - 22:00

Join us in our Live Demo session to learn how iLES can accelerate your preclinical studies, save value time and reduce errors by efficient automation, while boosting collaboration across your research organisation.

In this Live demonstration we will provide an overview of several key features including the design and execution of in vivo experiments and the use and benefits of Realtime dashboards and Process Stations to execute protocols, including tumor size measurements, weighing and registering observations and other daily welfare routines. Furthermore, we will provide insights on how iLES has been implemented as a Study Management system for the automation of the in vivo research activities at the Intervention Unit of the Dutch Cancer Institute (Mouse Clinic for Cancer and Aging).

Of course there will be sufficient time and opportunity to ask questions and discuss any other digitalization challenges you would like us to address.